Toilet and Cistern, Repair Leaking Toilet

Let’s investigate Toilet and Cistern further…

– What is a Toilet and Cistern?

– How does a Toilet and Cistern operate?

Toilet and Cistern

Toilet and Cistern, Repair Leaking Toilet, Install Toilet Suite

Following is a detailed breakdown of a Toilet and Cistern….

–> What is a Toilet and Cistern?

Toilets we all have them and can’t live without them… Probably one of the most used items in our homes sooooo why wouldn’t you want to spend a little in order to gain a lot??

Ok so what is a Toilet and Cistern? The toilet cistern is the mechanism that holds the water so you can flush the water away after using the toilet. Where is the cistern located? Cisterns are found high above the toilet or inside the toilet bowl. The cistern connects to a pipe or in other instances is hidden inside the wall or in cabinetry.

All cistern systems have their own flushing mechanisms. Which type of flush button do you have at home? The old pull leaver or the push button?? What you don’t know is pressing or pulling these mechanisms releases the water from the Cistern into the toilet bowl.

–> How does a Toilet and Cistern operate?

A toilet and cistern commonly fills from water entering a cistern through a supply pipe. Question: Are you water conscious? Do you tend to push the half or the full flush? Or does that come down to what in particular you are flushing? HAHA J. Toilets these days are fitted with a dual flush system only using 4.5 litres of water for a full flush. Interesting isn’t it….

An important valve that water enters is located at the top of the toilet system. So why is this valve important? This valve controls the flushing action of your toilet. Have you seen the floating bobbing mechanism at the top of your toilet located in your cistern? This floating bobbing mechanism is the last vital piece to controlling the flushing action in your toilet. How many of you have had to look inside here to try and fix a toilet problem? Or have had to hold the floating piece up to stop the toilet from flushing relentlessly….

Every time we flush, the floating bobby mechanism opens and closes in order to refill the cistern and what is even more AMAZING is that the toilet understands the need to refill and to what correct level of water required. Technology is certainly demonstrated in every aspect of our life and I even think this concept is rather genius….

Toilet and Cistern more important than what we think…

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