Leaking Taps, Dripping Taps, Tapware

Let’s investigate Leaking Taps further…

– What makes a tap leaking?

– How can YOU repair a leaking taps?

Leaking Taps

Leaking Taps Adelaide, Dripping Taps, Tapware

Following is a detailed breakdown of a Leaking Tap:

–> What makes a tap leak?

You turn your vanity tap on to brush your teeth but the tap keeps turning and turning and you can’t turn it off!!!!!! Ahhhh…. You are left with a running tap/leak. You try and not panic and if you are an environmentally like minded person like Plumbers In Adelaide then you are also concerned about the consumption of water being wasted down the drain. Hmmm…How about grabbing that bucket and placing it underneath the water drain and disposing the wasted water into your garden??

Generally speaking a leaking tap is often caused from a faulty washer- the o ring, the body washer or the jumper valve. If you are deciding to rectify the problem yourself then you need to remember each washer comes in different sizings.

–> How can we repair the leaking tap?

NB: When fixing a leak turn the water mains off first…

In some instances you could fix a leaky tap yourself if you are a DIY type of person. Here is a short guide on how to repair the leaky tap: You firstly open up the tap to filter out any left over water-important to mention: pop any screws and tap parts safely away as you will need them later on to place the tap back together-remove the taps cover-undo the screw to remove the handle-BUT here’s the tricky part; if the tap has a metal cover you need to unscrew this off by hand; some muscle is needed here-now unscrew the tap bonnet with a wrench and then take out the headgear. Here you will find the jumper valve mentioned earlier and the larger body washer which should just fall out-now replace this body washer and refit the spindle and bonnet. Lastly- re-assemble the tap and close it up- TURNING THE WATER MAINS BACK ON…

Ok so in theory that sounds manageable but if this puts your head into a spin then I would contact Plumbers In Adelaide today to help you get that leaking tap sorted quick smart! And please remember if you are renting you need to consult your landlord first before fixing that leaking tap. The landlord is responsible to fit the bill (with their permission) for any plumbing problems you have with your rental property.

Plumbers In Adelaide no problem to small-no problem to big-they will fix it all……

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