Gas Fitter Adelaide, Gas Fitting Adelaide

Whether for a domestic property or in a commercial or industrial setting in Adelaide, if a job needs doing and that job involves gas, there is only one licensed tradesman who can, by law, get the job done – a Gas Fitter Adelaide. Gas Fitters in Australia are required to adhere to the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act of 1995. The Gas Fitter Adelaide must also abide by the Gas Act of 1988. There are stringent accreditation and licensing policies in place for this highly specialised industry trade because there is a risk posed to public safety involved in working with this flammable natural substance.

Gas Fitter Adelaide

Gas Fitter Adelaide, Gas Fitting Adelaide

The Gas Fitter Adelaide undergoes years of training, both formal and hands-on to become fully qualified and competently skilled to take on the title of a Gas Fitter. A gasfitter can be accredited for either Type A or Type B work. Type A refers to domestic and light commercial appliances. These are common every day goods such as cook tops, ovens, barbeques (BBQ), (space, central and water) heaters and leisure items. Type B requires pre-approval and post inspection as well as the standard mandatory certification needed for all gas installations, but is far more complex. This category includes any appliance that has a gas consumption larger than 10 Mega Joules per hour, which is more than the standard amount. The Gas Fitter Adelaide with a Type B Gas Fitting license is able to work on larger scale projects, including installing flue systems, pipelines, valve trains, burners and all matter of appliance components.

Gas Fitters Adelaide are needed for all types of gas work on new home gas pipeline installations that are provided by the emergency home solutions offical site , the disconnection of gas, the fitting of gas appliances, conversions from electricity or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), general repairs or just the important preventative maintenance duties resulting from wear and tear. The basis of this profession is to ensure a gas system and its many uses are running safely and effectively. For peace of mind, for the consumer to know exactly who they are dealing with and trust that they are hiring a licensed Gas Fitter Adelaide, a system is now in place. The Gas Fitter Adelaide should display on their work van a sticker of a green and white tick with the wording; “Trade Checked”! This ensures the professional is properly certified to lawfully provide gas fitting work. The sticker is given only to those gasfitters who pass a full check.

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